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27 September 2009:
And so now it's September and all I have for an update is that I made sure all of the pages were updated so there weren't so many virtual cobwebs lurking around.

2 April 2009:
So here it is, April 2009. And do you think that I have anything new to add to Castle? If you answered no, you would be most correct. Today was mostly just some minor housekeeping as I updated some of the Castle's pages. I keep telling myself that I'm going to do more here and I'm going to write more it would appear that it has been all for naught. I regularly attend a yearly writing workshop at Polaris in Toronto but I never seem to take the time to dedicate to do some actual writing, despite all the ideas that are always floating in my head at any given time. I know that I have had the third installment of Sentinel Part III running around in my head for quite some time, but I never sit down and bear it into fruition.

And that's my rambling for this entry. Until our paths cross again, peace and long life to you and yours and I hope you return soon.


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