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December 20th, 2000:
Hello there, everyone. What can I say? The holidays, vacation, and a whole host of other factors have contributed to my not being here as often as I preferred. I am in the process of tweaking the new story that I promised. I suppose it will have to become a New Year's posting of sorts. I also plan to have a new picture up as the current one on my Biography Page is about four years out of date now. So, until next we meet, take care and hope to see you here again soon.

November 8th, 2000:
Yes, I am still alive, contrary to popular belief. I have been rather busy with the move, getting settled in to the house, and getting accustomed to the new job. It is not as easy as I thought it would be. A great deal has changed in the four years that I have been away. Nevertheless, the Castle has been updated and, as I have said numerous times in the past, my new story should be up soon so keep an eye out for it. As well, I have re-established the link to my Remembrance Day page. Remember, the next time you feel grateful for your freedom, thank a veteran. I guess that's all for now. See you again soon!

September 6th, 2000:
Greetings and salutations from the East coast of Canada! Yes, I've survived the transition from one side of the planet to the other. Okay, you can stop moaning and groaning now. *L* Believe it or not, I am working on a new short story that I hope to have up here by month's end. I've been toying with some ideas and situations for The Sentinel. I know that my writing isn't for everyone but I'm hoping that it is something everyone enjoys. I guess that's about it for now. Until next time, take care and I'll see you within the hallowed halls of Kyoto Castle.

June 24th, 2000:
Well, things are getting kind of busy here with all the preparations for the move back to Canada. But I took some time to myself and did a little bit of upgrading to the Castle before things got a little too crazy around here. You've probably already heard Dean Martin's welcome greeting on the main page, so there's no need to mention that. *Grin* Added some tunes to my biography page, as well. With any luck, I will have a new short story to be put up before I go off-line in the middle of July. In case you're wondering what Gruesome, Inc. is all about, that is the name of the production company me and two friends of mine, Mubeen Khan and Scott Melanson, created for a history project back when we were in high school in good old J.L. Ilsley. Little tip of the hat to the Halifax Brat Pack. Guess we'll see you for the next update.

June 07th, 2000:
Well, after being away from the Castle for awhile, decided to return and do some upgrades. Changed a few addresses here and there, added some tunes for you to listen to while you're surfing, and generally made sure the place didn't look like a haphazard rattrap. *G*

April 04th, 2000:
Added a new page with some pictures from my Singapore trip. Just need to tinker with a few of my older pictures and I'll be doing the same for Japan, Korea, and Australia. Also added some new logos on various pages and edited the text on the main entrance.

March 10th, 2000:
Have no fear, The Sentinel is still here. *G* After lots of visiting relatives, weird work schedules, vacations, and trips to Singapore (pictures will be up later), I have returned and given the Castle a small facelift where I think it needed it. With changes to some graphics, and the editing of some of the pages, I think the Castle is coming along nicely. Don't you? Why don't you drop me a line and let me know? Or how about signing the Guestbook? Am I needling you too much? *LOL*

January 15th, 2000:
Happy New Millenium and Happy Year of the Dragon, everyone!

Well, after almost three weeks of hiccups, nasty cookies, and other various SNAFU's, I was finally able to get in to edit my files for the Castle. Not sure if I will be keeping the Castle here after my lastest round of brick wall discussions, but I will keep you posted.

December 5th, 1999:
Added five new passed on stories to the Stories To Pass On Page: "American Tourists", "Impressions", "Little Tidbits of Life", "The Starfish", and "What Interests Me". These stories were compliments of shoshin and cleone.

December 4th, 1999:
Added four new passed on stories to the Stories To Pass On Page. A little more cosmetic work but no big changes as of yet. We'll just have to wait and see what the New Year brings for Kyoto Castle.

November 22nd, 1999:
Just a little touching up here and there. Added arrow graphics to all of the picture pages as well as sprucing up the background of a few of the photos on The Many Faces Of The Sentinel Page. I know that there hasn't been much by way of new stories but I truly have been quite busy with RT in the form of visiting relatives. I really do hope to have something new up before the end of the month. I know that's not a lot of time but it's the best I can do right now.

November 4th, 1999:
A little more cosmetic work on the pages, including the addition of several hitcounters on the main pictures pages and the story pages. I guess there is really not much more I can do to the Castle, aside from creating some new stories and taking some new pictures of Tokyo. I have a couple of days off coming my way so I guess I should put them to use, huh? *G*

October 31st, 1999:
Created a special tribute page for Remembrance Day 1999 with the poem, "Never Forget" by Charles M. Province.

October 27th, 1999:
Changed the footers on all of the pages, a little something I picked up from HTML 4 For Dummies®. Made the pages a little more user friendly.

October 23rd, 1999:
Made some changes to the Picture of The Week Archive Page, namely I put each picture on it's own page with a little explanation of what the picture is. I know I didn't update the Picture Of The Week itself last week but I was kind of busy. Anyway, we're good to go for another week. I know, I know, I haven't been writing my stories like I should be. I do hope to have something up by next week. Guess you'll just have to keep checking back to find out, won't you? *G* As well, "You Know You're Canadian When..." and "Good Friends Are Hard To Come By" were added to the Stories To Pass On Page.

October 10th, 1999:
Had to edit most of my pages today as I discovered that they didn't appear too well on Netscape Navigator. Also updated the Picture Of The Week. Aren't you proud of me? *chuckle* I also registered my index page with Lycos.

October 9th, 1999:
Today was mostly just general housekeeping, but I did create a new Links Page featuring a just a small sampling of the places I like to go when I'm on the Net. At least, the places I'll admit to. *L* As well, I added a link on the Main Page to both the Picture Of The Week Archive Page and the new Links Page.

October 7th, 1999:
At the request of a very good friend of mine, I created an archive of the Pictures of The Week. There aren't many because I haven't had many up, but you have to start out somewhere, I suppose. To check it out, just click here.

October 2-3rd, 1999:
Changed some of the background graphics to one which had a deeper blue to it. Added a new page, the Stories To Pass On Page. This page includes such thoughtful stories as "Beauty and The Book", "The Carpenter", and "The Jaguar". I also updated the Picture Of The Week Page. I am going to do my best to have this page updated every weekend. I know it doesn't sound like much, but what do you really want to see here in Japan? Drop me an e-mail and give me some of your suggestions.

September 26-27th, 1999:
Decided to create a "What's New" page so that not only could you, the viewer, keep track of the changes, but I could keep track of what the hell I was doing, too. *L* I know things don't look like much but there have been a lot of tinkering going on in the background. However, now that I have this page up, I can keep track of everything. Well, almost everything. *G*

September 19th, 1999:
Nothing too exciting. Updated the Picture Of The Week page. I know, I know, it's supposed to be updated every week but things have been a little nuts around here lately. I placed a link to the Castle's guestbook on every page, except for the story pages, and monkeyed around a bit with different backgrounds.

September 11th, 1999:
Realizing that there was more to making these web pages than simple fonts and colors, I went to Tower Records & Books in Shibuya and bought Creating Web Pages For Dummies®. Let's just say that with this book, Colleen's help, and a pot of coffee, a man can do anything, including creating a Castle. *winK*

September 5th, 1999:
With lots of help from Colleen, I managed to figure out how I wanted the layout of the Castle. The hardest part for me, I think, was trying to choose a freakin' background. *L* As Colleen said, "Teach a man to fish....." *chuckle*

September 1st, 1999:
Kyoto Castle was created and a majority of the files were uploaded to the Tripod® servers. You could say that Collen and I were laying the foundation of the Castle. Colleen did most of it while I sat and watched in amazement. *G*

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