Yes, these are pretty lame links as far as links go but I'm willing to bet that if you already know where you're going, you wouldn't be here. So if you have any suggestions or links you would like to see displayed, send your web page address to Kyoto Castle and I'll list you here.

For the Canadian viewers out there, this is a site that lets you order books over the Internet and you're charged in Canadian bucks. Yes, viewers in the US and international viewers can also use this handy site. A little cheaper than which makes ordering from them when you're international all that much more enticing.

Cool Text
Online graphics generator for anyone looking to make quick and easy buttons, logos. I liked them and I'm sure you will too.

Jett's Batman On Film Page
Everything you've ever wanted to know about the Batman movies found in the most comprehensive Batman site I've ever seen.

Lovely ladies in bikinis. No nudity. After all, I am trying to run a respectable site here... ;-)

Great place to check on exchange rates and a built-in calculator so you can see how much you need in a foreign currency or how much a foreign currency is worth in yours.

The web site of one of my favourite directors, Kevin Smith, famous of Jay and Silent Bob.

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