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8 August 2007:
Yes, here it is, another seven month gap in updating the Castle. I spent three weeks in Edmonton back in April/May on a course at the Canadian Forces Service Prison and Detention Barracks (CFSPDB). I got married in July at a Mi'kmaq Powwow in Flat Bay, Newfoundland. I attended yet another writer's workshop at a science fiction/fantasy convention in Toronto called Polaris 21. I've been to three of these so far and they keep telling me the same thing that I never follow through on: WRITE EVERY DAY. I have to start forcing myself to write at least 1,000 words a day, if not more. If I could manage 10,000 words a day that would be great. Unfortunately, that amounts to about 8-10 pages.

And that's my rambling for this entry. Until our paths cross again, peace and long life to you and yours and I hope you return soon.

31 January 2007:
Happy New Year and a prosperous 2007 to all. Much has happened since the last time I updated the Castle in June of Two Thousand and freakin' Six. And if you guessed that I didn't get much writing done in the past six months, well, you'd be guessing correctly.

The move here to New Brunswick went well. Nothing broken, nothing seriously damaged. In August I began my new job as a Shift Commander. In September nothing happened. In October on Hallowe'en, I proposed to my fiancée, Kerri, dressed as Superman, with some assistance from a locomotive. November was quiet and December was spent travelling to Ontario for a week and a bit and then travelling to Newfoundland for a week and a bit before returning to New Brunswick for Christmas Day itself. That's pretty much everything up to date 'till now.

Until next time, peace and long life to you and yours and I hope you return again soon.


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