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04 November 2004:
Greetings fellow travellers and guests, Sentinel here. I hope that all is well with your and yours. At the behest of a visitor to Kyoto Castle, I updated this "What's New" page. I guess it's my own personal way of showing that I still care about this site, even though I'm not doing as much with it as I would like. As for me and my travels, I've been doing what I can to keep my head above water. Much has been transpiring in both my personal and professional lives over the past few months. Have no fear, I shall prevail as I always manage to somehow accomplish. I know that there was supposed to be a lot of work done to the Castle over the past few months but my free time just hasn't been cooperating. I'm hoping to have some time to myself real soon to see if there isn't something I can do to jazz up Kyoto Castle.

I'm also aware that with the completion of Part II of The Sentinel, I should really start on Part III. I've purchased several writing magazines to assist me as I believe I'm getting stale in my old age.

I guess that's it for now. Until next we meet, may the wind be at your back.

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