***Author's Notes***

Well, you guessed it, I pulled a George Lucas and wrote a short story trilogy. *G* Several months after writing Part II, my cousin Gordon, "Alf", sat down and read both the first and second stories. He really liked them and asked if I was going to write a third chapter. So during a week of bad snow storms (Have I mentioned that Newfoundland gets a lotof snow in the winter?), Gordon and I wrote the final chapter of the Lone Wolf trilogy. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I do.


Lone Wolf III:
The Final Chapter

"Shit!" Wolf exclaimed as he ducked back down behind the blast guard. He was now trying to figure out a way of getting out before Cody could signal for back-up. Perhaps she already had but that wasn't important right now. What was important was how Cody had managed to find the Legionnaires. Wolf could have sworn that he had heard of Phoenix's death many months ago. However, many Legionnaires had been killed since that time and Wolf never brought it upon himself to memorize who was dead and who was alive. Wolf had no answers but he was determined to find some.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are!" Cody called out again. "Come on out, Wolf. I owe you for killing my second-in-command and my best friend! Come out so I can blow your head clean off your shoulders like I did to your worthless 'brother'!" Wolf's blood boiled. Nancy watched horrified as his lips pulled back into the most vicious snarl she had ever seen dominate his face. Wolf leapt into a firing position and started pumping rounds at Phoenix's ship.

Soon all of the Legionnaires were firing at it. Then the shooting stopped. Wolf waited for a sign of Cody's death. Then Cody's own fireworks sprayed the landing bay. It stopped after fifteen seconds.

"Cody!" Wolf snarled, "How did you find us here?!" He growled low in his throat.

"News travels fast, doesn't it?!" Cody replied. "Your 'brother' tried to buy his life back from me by telling me where you Legionnaires hide out. It was just a matter of time before I found you. I happened to run into Phoenix as I was leaving Luna, if you wish to know. He was trying to sneak back to Earth but alas, I stopped him short of his trip. Anyway, in case you are all deciding to escape, just before I landed I radioed the PKF and they're sending ten fighters here right now. I shall enjoy going down in history as being the eliminator of the last of the Legionnaires!" Cody was practically psychotic now.

"You mean you're going down in history as the whore of the President of the United Worlds who dealt in traynia and caused the deaths of millions!" Apollo shot back. "You're afraid of people actually believing us, aren't you?!" Apollo said, baiting Cody. "You and the whole fucking council are afraid people will listen to us and ostracize you and your bastard! You and that jackass Orson Noir thought everything was under control, didn't you?! Or should I say you and Black Raith?! We saw it all, Cody! We all saw it at the Martian Seige, you and the President wanted us to kill the Security Council so they wouldn't release their findings on you, Noir, and Lucas! But we found the information and now you're going to fry!"

"What are you talking about?" Cody called back. "The team of fifty sent to Mars was sent to quell the revolt at the university!"

"Bullshit!" Thunder roared. "That's what you told the media! Your orders were quite clear: 'The Security Council has committed an act of treason. Stop them at all costs'!"

"NO!!" Cody screamed. "I don't know what you're talking about! You're trying to make the United Worlds look guilty when it is you monsters that are guilty!"

"You know perfectly well what we're talking about!" Raven spat. "While we were exterminating the Security Council for 'violation of the Privacy Act and treason', you and Black Raith, were shipping tonnes of traynia to the other star systems while the eyes of the galaxy were on Mars! I'm going take pride in seeing you die, bitch!"

Laser fire erupted again as everyone kept as low as they could to stay out of sight from Cody's high vantage point. Thunder was tempted to jump up and pump a couple of rounds into her but the bad luck that had followed the Legionnaires everywhere would probably have him killed. He elected to wait out her and her reinforcements. All the Legionnaires decided to wait her out. That is, all the Legionnaires except Wolf.

Wolf holstered his blaster and turned to Nancy. "Don't move. Stay right here," he instructed her. He nodded behind him where Hammer sat crouched behind another blast guard. "If shit hits the fan, get over to Hammer." He moved to pass her.

"Where are you going?" Nancy whispered, petrified.

"To shove my fist down Tamara Cody's throat!" Wolf growled again. He moved stealthily behind the blast guards and the other fighter craft that littered the bay. He was trying to get behind Cody for a sneak attack. A noise behind Wolf made him whirl around soundlessly. Wolf stopped his fingers from ripping out Apollo's throat. Apollo mock-scolded him with his eyes. Wolf nodded and began moving again.

Wolf and Apollo made it to the far corner of the landing bay. As they stepped forward, they were strafed with laser fire. Ducking back, they drew their blasters and laid down a cover fire before somersaulting the small distance to a gigantic slab of metal leaning against the wall. They scurried the short distance to the other side and peeked around the corner. They were now straight across from Phoenix's ship.

"I can't see her," Apollo hissed. Wolf mentally focused his eyes to strain out the spectrum of light except for infrared. A warm mass sat crouched below the line of the cockpit canopy.

"She's still in the ship," Wolf growled back. Laser fire spattered against the wall where they were. Jumping back behind their cover, Wolf began planning how they could flush out Cody. He looked at Apollo and thought some more. Then a brilliant idea struck him. He motioned Apollo closer and informed him of his plan. Apollo smiled and nodded acknowledgement. He holstered his blaster and waited for Wolf to make his move.

Wolf turned back to the opening. "Cody!" he called out, "I'm coming out with my hands up! Hold your fire!" Wolf walked out slowly. No sooner had he cleared his cover, Cody had vaulted from the cockpit to the deck and had her weapon trained on Wolf.

"Take out your blaster with your opposite hand and lay it on the deck, Legionnaire," Cody said vehemently. Wolf complied very slowly. Cody stopped a few meters away. "Now kick it over here," she ordered. Again, Wolf complied. She bent down and picked up the weapon, never taking her eyes off Wolf for a moment.

Tears began to fill up in Cody's eyes. To Wolf, she looked like a frightened child confronting her pet cat who ate her favourite budgie bird. "You killed Dillard back on Johnson's Planet," Cody said, trying to keep a rein on her emotions. Behind his cover, Apollo silently cheered. "I want you to get on your knees and beg that I kill you quickly and painlessly." Wolf gazed deep into Cody's hazel eyes. Never breaking eye contact, Wolf sank slowly to his knees. Tears fell down Cody's face but she never bothered to wipe them away.

"I beg that you kill me quickly and painlessly," Wolf repeated, totally devoid of emotion. "But I have one request of my own that I would like to make," Wolf added.

"Oh? What's that?" Cody asked.

"That you rot in hell like you deserve!" he said, rolling away. At just that moment, Apollo stepped out from behind his cover and raised his hands. Before Cody could fire, Apollo's entire body became a pillar of blinding white light. Cody cried out and dropped her weapon. As she drew her hands to her eyes, Wolf rolled back and grabbed her arm.

"Every dog has it's day," he growled menacingly. He pulled her down towards him, punched his fist into her forehead, and popped his claws. The twelve-inch steel claws punctured her skull, tore through her brain, and burst out the other side. When Wolf retracted his claws Cody fell to the deck, the top of her head falling open like a ripe melon.

Wolf turned to face Apollo. "Looks like I was right." Apollo rushed over to where Wolf now stood over Cody's body. "That was a mighty big risk you took," Apollo admitted. He looked up and met Wolf's eyes. "But worth it." The rest of the Legionnaires came out of hiding as soon as they had seen Cody fall from Wolf's trademark. Nancy rushed to Wolf's side and hugged him fiercely.

Apollo looked at everyone before speaking. "I think we should get the hell out of here," he said. "If Cody was telling the truth, this place will be crawling with PKF troops soon, so let's get lost." All agreed and began making preparations for departure.

Back on Luna, Lucas was busy trying to hold down another meeting of the Security Council, formerly known as the United Worlds Security Council, the name had been changed since the Martian Seige of two years ago. Lucas found it difficult to keep himself on the topic at hand since Tamara had left to hunt down Wolf. Part of him wanted to go too, but he could not. His duties as Vice-President would not allow him such luxuries.

"Vice-President Lucas," President Noir asked, "what is the situation with the former TSF Legionnaires?" His eyes, seemingly sunk into the recesses of his skull, searched the group for any sign of surprise. There was none. Except for Lucas.

Lucas cleared his throat and wrinkled his brow. "After the death of Commander Dillard, Colonel Tamara Cody left for Johnson's Planet in hopes of finding the Legionnaire called Wolf. At last communication, Colonel Cody had captured Legionnaire Phoenix who had relayed information as to the whereabouts of the remaining Legionnaires." Lucas noticed that President Noir was trying to suppress a smile and failing miserably. Jesus, he thought, if he keeps this shit up they're going to know something's up! Stop smiling you stupid prick!

"Colonel Cody had also requested reinforcements, so we sent ten fighters to assist her," Lucas continued. "I estimate the demise of the Legionnaires is near to an end in approximately three to four months." Noir nodded and made an official looking face.

"If that is all, then I recommend we close this meeting until next week," Noir said. A murmur of agreement buzzed around the room. "Then the Council's deliberations are closed. Thank you all for attending." The closing and snapping of briefcases, and small talk between councillors continued for a few moments as Noir waited for them all to leave. He sat in his seat and closed his eyes until the noise had stopped and the doors sighed shut. When he opened his eyes, he was not alone.

"What in the name of hell are you trying to do?" Lucas demanded. "Have you lost your mind? Every damn meeting you ask about the Legionnaires and smile like a bitch-fox in heat when I give my report! Sooner or later the council is going to suspect something and we're going to be up shit's creek!" Lucas had worked himself into a fury.

"Don't worry about it," Noir snapped. "It's not like they're going to launch an inquiry." Noir eased his chair back and put his feet up on the table.

"You don't get it, do you?" Lucas roared. "We're up to our assess in trouble and you're treating it like it's nothing at all!"

"Give it a rest," Noir warned. "I've been around a lot longer than you have and I've been in tighter situations. Don't hand me your bullshit. Take it calmly and everything will go our way. Start panicking and things will start screwing up."

"Things have already 'screwed up' or don't you remember the Martian Seige you ordered stopped?" Lucas said accusingly. "It's your fault we're in this mess and you've got Tamara and I cleaning up your mess!"

"Listen here, Lucas," Noir said in a menacing tone, "you were just as involved in those shipments as I was, so don't patronize me! I've had it up to my ears with your whining. Turn yourself in if you don't like the way things are going or just plain fuck off to another star system. Better yet, just fuck off because I've had it with you." Noir eased his eyes closed. They stayed like that for quite some time because Lucas reared back his fist and punched Noir square between the eyes. Noir's chair tipped over and he collided with the floor, unmoving.

Lucas fixed the chair and put Noir back in it, resting him on the conference table. He left him as if he had fallen asleep. Lucas wore a wry smile as he walked out into the corridor and down to his office. He closed the door and went to his desk to see if Tamara had come up with anything. His screen was blank. For some odd reason, he felt his stomach grow cold with fear when the intercom interrupted his thoughts.

"Lucas here, what is it?" he said urgently.

"Brock here, sir," the communications officer said. Something in Brock's voice gave the cold feeling in Lucas' stomach energy to spread. "Colonel Cody's perscan just went flat." Lucas felt the blood drain from his face. "I'm sorry, sir." Then the line went dead.

Lucas sat heavily in his chair and laid his head upon his hands. He wept freely for a few moments. When he got his emotions under control, he wiped his tears and signalled his secretary. "Have a PKF fighter fuelled and ready to go in twenty minutes," he said. Not waiting for her acknowledgement, he turned off the intercom and began getting ready for his flight. Tamara had gone after Wolf with a vendetta and he had killed her just as Lucas had predicted. Wolf would have a tougher time with him, he promised himself as he left his office as fast as he feet would carry him.

Wolf managed to rig Phoenix's self-destruct mechanism without his voice-code and placed his brother's body into the ship, closing the canopy. Nancy was waiting for him in the Shepherd, helmeted and ready for take-off. Wolf solemnly climbed up into the pilot's seat and closed his canopy.

"Status report," Wolf ordered.

"Ready to rock and roll," Alf replied. Wolf put on his helmet and was ready to leave when he felt something on his shoulder. He could only turn to see Nancy's hand resting there.

"I love you," she said, ever so softly. "I always have and always will." She reached underneath his helmet and caressed his cheek. Wolf tenderly kissed her hand and turned back to recheck his flight instruments. He lifted the Shepherd up and rotated it 180 degrees, easing it out into the starry void.

Flak buffeted the ship. Wolf banked it hard over to get away from it. From out of nowhere, it seemed, PKF fighters were pelting the Legionnaires with laser fire. Wolf armed his forward lasers and peeled around to face his attackers. Ten PKF fighters were strafing the outpost, the fighters' red colour gave away who they were. Wolf blasted one into oblivion and narrowly missed getting blasted himself.

"Uh, boss, don't forget about Phoenix's self-destruct," Alf reminded him. Wolf squeezed off a couple of shots before kicking in the turbos. The Shepherd tore away from the battle and headed towards deep space. The others followed but the PKF figured there were more inside the outpost.

The Legionnaires were still accelerating away from the outpost when it was engulfed in a massive explosion, providing the temporary effect of a small sun. That cut the PKF down to five ships which began to give chase to the Legionnaires. A few moments after the explosion, Wolf turned the Shepherd around and shot back for the remaining PKF ships. As soon as one was lighted in his scopes, he opened fire. Samantha felt her stomach lurch with all the rolls, banks, and buffeting that the small ship was subject to.

A lone PKF ship managed to get behind the Shepherd. Wolf aimed himself at another PKF fighter while trying to avoid being shot by the one on his tail. Just before getting caught in the crossfire, Wolf pushed the Shepherd into a nosedive and watched gleefully as the two fighters first shot at each other then collided.

As Wolf turned to take on another PKF pilot, he watched helplessly as one of the Legionnaires fell prey to a PKF attack. Then another, and another. Wolf frantically fired at the PKF ships, trying to louse up their aim. One Legionnaire ship peeled off, leaving Wolf a clean shot. He took it and blasted the enemy ship to pieces.

The remaining two Peace Keeping Forces' ships tried to make a run for it but the other Legionnaire cut them down before they could escape. Wolf flicked on his comm system.

"Who's all here?" Wolf asked, hoping to hear at least four familiar voices. Only one responded.

"Raven here, I'm afraid the rest didn't make it. It's just you and me, kid," she said, trying to sound lighthearted. Wolf could hear the grief in her voice. "Dear God," she whispered before she finally gave in and cried. Wolf's own eyes filled with tears but they did not fall. He realized he had a deathgrip on the ship's control stick. He had to force himself to relax.

"Let's go," Wolf finally managed to blurt out. The two ships turned and headed away from Pluto's outposts and towards yet another star system.

"Wolf, Raven, I'm sorry," Nancy said. She startled Wolf but he had managed to conceal that from her. "I loved them all, too. It was like one great big family."

"Big isn't quite the word," Raven remarked. "When was the last time you heard of someone having two hundred and fifty children? We used to have a fucking gigantic family," she concluded with a tone of finality and remorse. Then she began to laugh. "Girl, I can't wait to see the look on Orson Noir's face when I get his balls in the muzzle of my blaster!" Wolf and Nancy chuckled with her.

"It will be a sight to see alright," Wolf admitted. He added more solemnly, "I can't believe we're the only two left, Raven. Jesus! Out of two hundred and fifty, it's just you and me." Wolf didn't know what to feel now, he was confused and hurt. Oddly enough, he didn't know how to feel about the deaths of Thunder, Growler, Panther, Hammer, and their unofficial leader, Apollo. One thing was for sure, however, and that was Wolf seeing some bastard pay dearly for the pain that he and the others had endured.

Definitely, someone was going to pay for all of this shit. And that someone was President Orson Noir of the United Worlds.

Many hours later, Lucas arrived at what was left of Plutonian Outpost Seven. Debris littered the area. Using his scanner, he located the remains of six Legionnaires and ten PKF personnel. Unfortunately for him, there was no way to determine if Wolf was one of the casualties listed for the Legionnaires. At least, not with the fighter's scanners right here and right now. In order to identify them, the bones would have to be x-rayed and compared against those on file. He did not have the time for such a time-consuming task.

Lucas switched his scanner over to scan for ion particles. At least he would be able to track down the remaining Legionnaires and find out if Wolf was still alive or not. The scanner beeped for his attention. Returning his gaze to the viewscreen, he smiled as two ion trails headed off towards the planet Centaurus.

Turning his little ship around to follow the trail, Lucas began his pursuit of two unknown Legionnaires. With any stroke of luck, they would be able to tell him Wolf's whereabouts. If he was, glory be to the highest. If he wasn't, then Lucas would have to kill him without a second's hesitation. It's that second's hesitation that worries me, he thought glumly as his ship picked up speed.

Quite some time later, Wolf, Nancy, and Raven touched down on Centaurus VII, one of three hospitable planets in orbit around Alpha Centauri's binary system. They quickly disembarked and shrouded the only two remaining Canadian-class fighters left in the galaxy. Of course, they also belonged to the only two remaining Legionnaires in the galaxy, too.

"I hope my account is still good from Johnson's Planet," Nancy said as they began walking toward the city. New Ottawa sat majestically atop Mount Cochrane. It would have taken them at least two hours to walk it if they had to walk it. By some mad stroke of luck, they managed to land next to a flitter station without drawing any attention.

Using Nancy's credit account, they acquired a flitter to take them to the New Ottawa Hotel. After being ushered to their room, Wolf elected to take a shower. When he was finished and stepped out of the bathroom, Nancy was the only one in the room.

"Where'd Raven disappear to?" Wolf asked as he dried his hair, holding onto the towel wrapped around his waist.

Nancy moved closer to Wolf. "She was going to check out a few things," she whispered. "She said she would be gone about an hour and a half. She also told me not to do anything she wouldn't do." Wolf pulled back to gaze into her blue eyes. He put his hand on her waist, then slipped it around to her back, following the curve of her spine. She ran her fingers through his hair to the back of his head and pulled him down, drawing him into a deep, warm kiss. She led him to the bed as her hand found his towel and tugged it away from his waist. Desire burning brightly in both their eyes, they playfully loved each other.

When Raven returned to the room, she found Wolf's and Nancy's clothes thrown haphazardly all over the place. Quietly, she tiptoed to Wolf's side of the bed and raised her banana as a knife. She never completed the movement for she was looking at the business end of Wolf's blaster.

"Somehow, I don't think you're in the mood for a banana-split," Wolf grumbled softly, as not to disturb Nancy's peaceful slumber. He quietly and gently lifted himself out of the bed. Dressing quickly, he led Raven out of the bedroom into the sitting room, allowing the door to sigh shut behind him. "What's up?"

"I heard on the vid-news that Lucas is up on charges for striking Noir and he is believed to be following us. Also, the PKF and the newshounds are all over the Plutonian Outpost we toasted," Raven said jubilantly. "I think at last the public is finally becoming interested in us and what we're fighting for."

Wolf pondered this for a moment. "We should get ready to move again," he said. "If Lucas is trailing us, chances are he's all wired up over Cody's death."

"I agree," Raven concurred, moving towards the couch with their equipment thrown on it. "I called room service, they're sending up some food in a few minutes." Nancy was just waking when Wolf re-entered the room.

"What's going on?" she asked sleepily. "Do we have time for more?" she asked with a devilish glint in her eye.

"Unfortunately, no," Wolf said, sadly. "We have some food coming up so get yourself together because we're leaving as soon as we're finished stuffing our faces." Nancy seemed shocked and dismayed. "Lucas is on his way here." Nancy jumped out of bed and dashed into the shower.

True to her word, Raven's request for food came through in only a few minutes. After Nancy got out of the shower and into some casual clothes. They all ate quickly, and left to check out. While in the lobby waiting for Wolf to check them out, Nancy noticed a group of blue uniformed men form up near the front doors.

"Legionnaires, freeze!" the leader bellowed. Wolf turned to look at the attack team, astonished. Raven wasted no time drawing her blaster and opening fire. Wolf got a grip on himself and joined her. The entire lobby was a maze of laser fire. Wolf harboured Nancy as he and Raven fought their way to the elevators. Making it inside, Wolf nailed the control panel for the roof and hoped they could get there before their attackers. This was maddening!

At long last, the doors parted and they sprinted for their flitter. Taking off immediately, they were pursued by the PKF flitters. Wolf tried to think of a way to shake them while Raven kept them occupied. Wolf dodged laser blasts, buildings, and other traffic but he still couldn't shake the two flitters on his tail. As they passed over where there fighters were, only one ship was still camouflaged. Wolf's was missing.

"Where's Alf?" Nancy screamed over the sound of laser bursts. Wolf's only reply was a huge grin.

"Very close," Raven yelled back from the rear. The two PKF flitters didn't know what hit them as the Shepherd maneuvered behind them and opened fire. The two flitters blossomed into fireballs. The Shepherd then slowed and landed next to Raven's Firebird. "Nice shooting, Alf," Raven commented as she stepped out of the flitter and disengaged the camouflage field.

"Thank you," came the reply from the Shepherd's computer. "I figured you guys were going to need some help so I elected myself to do the rescuing."

"Good thing you did or we'd be what they are," Nancy interjected, indicating the two hunks of slag now smouldering in the forest. "Has anyone noticed that everywhere we go, the PKF have a habit of showing up?"

"Yes, and I do not like it," Wolf admitted, opening the canopy to his fighter craft and climbing in. "Any suggestions to where we should go next?"

"Too bad the other Centaurian planets are off-limits because they're not up to technological snuff," Raven said disdainfully. "Perhaps we can check out Alpha III."

"How about Luna?" Wolf asked, deadly serious. Nancy and Raven both snapped their heads to stare at Wolf as if he had just lost every ounce of sanity he had ever possessed. Perhaps he had, but they had to make sure.

"WHAT?!" Nancy, Raven, and Alf said in unison.

"I said, let's go to Luna and face Noir and the Council before we get killed," Wolf stated flatly. Nancy and Raven both looked dumbstruck as they continued to stare at him. "Think of it, Noir will be giving a press conference soon concerning Lucas and they won't be expecting us to crash the party. We could use the press right there to finally enlighten the public to what's been going on behind the scenes." It seemed logical enough but there was still an unknown in the equation: Lucas.

"What about Lucas following us?" Raven finally managed to stammer. She still couldn't comprehend what Wolf wanted them to do. It was almost certain suicide.

"If he finds us, we blow him out of the sky," Wolf announced as calmly as if someone had asked him the weather conditions. "And if he doesn't, it makes life a little bit easier for us." Raven finally gave up being stunned as a cold look of determination reasserted itself upon her face.

"Fuck it, let's go," Raven blurted out. "It sure as hell beats running and hiding all the time." She climbed up into Firebird and prepared for take-off. Nancy clambered in behind Wolf. Her arms felt numb as she slipped the flight helmet over her head. They were actually going to Luna. Luna! Nancy was convinced that Wolf had no sanity left at all.

The two ships lifted off and blasted into space. After exiting the outer atmosphere, they set course for Luna. However, someone else decided to crash their party. Laser fire and flak erupted around them. Wolf pulled up hard and accelerated. When he realigned himself, a lone PKF fighter craft sat in his sights.

"Say farewell, dicksmack," Wolf growled.

"Wait! Hold your fire!" the pilot exclaimed. Wolf knew that voice but he couldn't place it. "I want to help you bring down Noir. This is Lucas."

"Lucas! What in the hell are you doing?" Wolf inquired, his finger hovering over the firing stud.

"I've been thinking a lot in the past couple of hours," Lucas admitted meekly. "If I, by chance, managed to kill you and returned to Luna, Noir would have me killed anyway. He doesn't care about anything except his precious traynia. That's why Noir has me up on charges because I punched his lights out when he told me he was tired of my complaining about the shit we're in. I know I'm just as guilty as he is, but I am determined to do something about it."

Wolf was caught between believing the man or blowing him out of the stars. "This had better not be a trick, Lucas," Wolf warned him menacingly. "Because if it is, you'll be the most sorry assed son-of-a-bitch that ever existed." Wolf disengaged his weapons and flew alongside Lucas. Raven did likewise.

"So what's your plan?" Raven asked sullenly.

Murdock sat watching the sensor readings and controlling arriving ships ferrying the press. The President of the United Worlds was giving a press conference today and his main topics included the rogue Vice-President Daniel Lucas and the Terran Special Forces' Legionnaires, the predecessors of the Peace Keeping Forces. Murdock watched as another press ship docked at the orbital facility. They would proceed to the Moon by carrier craft, when the President gave his speech, it would be beamed to the ship and relayed to Earth and the rest of the galaxy.

What Murdock failed to notice in his mundane job was that there were two fighter craft escorting the carrier craft. Namely, the Space Shepherd and the Firebird. Immediately after landing, the four fugitives managed to kick the shit out of four PKF guards and relieve them of their uniforms.

"You can really tell that these guys were never trained to take on a Legionnaire," Raven commented as she tried vainly to smooth down her shirt. "Why in the hell did they give me such big tits for, anyway? I should have had these cut off long ago." Nancy seemed to float in her uniform but Wolf and Lucas had no problems with theirs.

They moved out into the corridor and marched along, mimicking the PKF guards. Wolf carried a satchel that contained all the information on Noir, Cody, and Lucas regarding their involvement with traynia before, during, and even after the Martian Seige. Even though Lucas was helping them and managed to get the press cover for them, Wolf felt uneasy with him amongst them. Wolf made certain that Lucas was in his field of vision at all times.

As they rounded the corner, they ran into a very large officer. "Watch where you are going, Lowlife!" he said in a disgusting tone of voice.

"Fuck you," Wolf muttered. He felt the huge hand of the officer grip him by the shoulder and spin him around.

"What was that, Corporal?!" the officer yelled, practically spitting in Wolf's face.

"I said, 'Fuck you'," Wolf repeated as he grabbed the officer by the collar and let fly his most powerful punch. The officer crumpled into a heap and they stuffed him into a nearby utility closet. Lucas led them into a service corridor and navigated them through their complexity.

"The conference hall is this way," Lucas instructed, motioning towards the northerly red corridors. Moving as fast as they possibly could, they arrived at the back entrance. "We'll wait here until the conference gets rolling." Wolf stripped off his uniform and threw it in the corner. Raven and Nancy followed suit.

"It was cutting off circulation to my chest," Raven admitted sheepishly. Nancy motioned for them to be silent. Orson Noir could be heard bringing the conference to order. Then the desperadoes' plan took a radical change. A column of PKF troops filed out of a door and stopped, staring at the four fugitives.

"What are you doing here?" one of them asked. "This is a restricted area!"

"Can't be too restricted," Wolf gibbed, drawing his blaster, "they let assholes like you in here." He blasted the guard off his feet. Before the others could draw their weapons, Wolf and Raven had reduced their numbers considerably. Sections of the walls were being blasted and debris was flying everywhere.

In the conference hall, Noir had begun his opening speech only to be interrupted by the fire fight on the other side of the wall. The newscasters were looking around dumbfounded, trying to find the source of all the noise. "Would someone please find out what in God's good name is going on?!" Noir called out. In response to his question, the wall to his left toppled in from an explosion, spraying bits of plaster and metal everywhere. Laser fire blasted through the dust, squarely nailing the posted six guards. When the dust settled, Wolf, Raven, Nancy, and Lucas stood by the President of the United Worlds.

"Lucas! You traitor!" Noir spat. "You're in league with those killing machines! I'll see you hang for this atrocity! I'll make sure you......" He was cut short when Wolf backhanded him and nearly snapped his neck. Raven moved forward with Wolf's satchel.

"Here is the evidence that the former Terran Special Forces Legionnaires are innocent of countless murders and that they were framed by the President, Vice-President, and Security Chief of the new United Worlds," Raven announced to everyone in the room. All the vid-cams were trained on her lovely face. "President Noir was known as Black Raith to his numerous clients in countless star systems all over the galaxy." Lucas picked up a data chip and placed it into the computer. The gigantic viewer came to life with the old Security Council.

"It has been documented that Orson Noir, also known as Black Raith, Daniel Lucas, and Tamara Cody have been shipping vast amounts of illegal traynia into the Sol solar system," said the aged alien councillor. Every vid-cam in the room had now moved from Raven to the viewer. They weren't going to miss this scoop for the world.

"Traynia," the alien continued, "has been medically proven to be a very addictive and body destroying drug. Millions of innocent lives have been lost in the research and illicit use of this drug. Therefore, I heartily recommend that the aforementioned criminals be arrested for these hideous crimes and imprisoned for no less than fifty years or be put to death." Several people, including the current council, gasped in disbelief and horror. "It is has also been discovered that President Noir intends to create his own army of Legionnaires to do his bidding. In anticipation of this move, we have destroyed the Legionnaire colony orbiting Venus. With its destruction, all data and genetic material crucial for the construction of Legionnaires, has been lost. I hereby decree all information in this testimony to be true, backed one hundred percent by the Terran Special Forces Security Council. For the record, I am Councillor Sloane Clarke. The necessary data concerning my disposition will follow after my message." The alien's image was replaced by reams and reams of data concerning the shipments and dealings of traynia.

Lucas felt relieved and looked it but Noir looked as though he was going to explode at any moment. "Yes, gentlebeings, myself, Colonel Cody, and President Noir dealt in traynia," Lucas spoke without a hint of emotion. "I could not stand idly by and allow him to continue his operations while he was in charge of a respected organization. I do this to end the tyranny of Black Raith, and I do not expect any special treatment for my confession. I am prepared to face any form of punishment you deem fit." He raised his head and looked almost regal, before Noir pulled a laser pistol out from underneath the table and drilled a hole through his chest.

Wolf pushed Nancy behind him and drew his blaster, but not fast enough before Noir put a round in Raven's chest as well. Wolf blasted Noir's hand off at the wrist. Noir screamed in agony as he clamped his other hand around his severed wrist to stop the blood flow. Wolf leapt to Raven's side and propped her up.

"Get a medic!" Wolf roared. Raven's eyelids fluttered weakly. "Take it easy, Raven. You'll be okay, just take it easy. I'm here." Wolf could feel the tears well up in his eyes but he angrily fought them back.

"No, I don't think I'll be making it this time," Raven gasped. Tears streaked down her beautiful face as tears spilled down Wolf's cheeks. "Hey, I thought big boys didn't cry?" Raven tried to sound confident and jovial. A spasm of pain stole her breath from her.

"Don't you dare leave me, Raven!" Wolf cried. "If you leave me now, I'll be the only one left! You can't leave me!"

"It can't be stopped, Wolf," Raven rasped. She could feel her internal organs begin to fail and her body begin to shut itself down. "You're.....going to be...Lone...Wolf...now....." Raven's eyes drifted closed and her body trembled once. With that tremble, Legionnaire Raven died in Legionnaire Wolf's arms.

Pure fury built up within Wolf. As Nancy approached to calm him, Wolf threw back his head and roared. People in the room had to cover their ears from the onslaught of anger and sorrow. When it died down, Nancy could have sworn that the walls and floors had been vibrating.

Snarling viciously, Wolf stepped past Nancy and grabbed Noir, who was whimpering like a whipped dog. Wolf yanked him off his feet and slammed him into the wall. Holding Noir aloft, Wolf made a fist and popped his claws. Every time he moved to strike Noir, something held him back. He found that he could not kill Noir, even as badly as he wanted to watch Noir die, he could not kill him.

"I hope they make you suffer as much as you made us suffer," Wolf rumbled, as he retracted his claws. Noir spit in Wolf's face and his face split into a huge grin. Wolf wiped his face then punched Noir full force in the forehead. The smack indented the wall where Noir's head impacted and Wolf let his limp form drop to the floor. The PKF troops moved in and took Noir away, collecting Lucas' body as well.

As they moved for Raven, Wolf stopped them. "No, I will take care of my sister," was all he said. Picking up Raven's lifeless body, he pushed through the reporters and walked out into the hall, heading for the hangar bay. Placing her in the Firebird, he programmed it for a direct course into the Sun. He kissed her on the forehead before closing the canopy. The stout fighter lifted off and shot into space.

When he returned to the conference hall under guard, everyone had moved into the adjacent hall. One of the councillors was addressing the crowd that had formed there.

"In view of the horrors inflicted by former President Noir and his minions, I hereby revoke the death sentence imposed on the Legionnaires of the former United Worlds Terran Special Forces," she said.

"I'm afraid your revocation is a little late," Wolf stated tersely. All heads turned in his direction. Samantha rushed to his side and hugged him tightly. He returned the embrace. "I am the last of the Legionnaires, Councillor. It hardly makes a difference to stop hunting us now." Wolf spoke without any show of emotion. "However, I will demand retribution for the two years of hell I've been put through and for the loss of my brethren."

"And you shall have it. I promise you on my word," Councillor Horne said. A reporter raised his hand. "Yes?"

"What does this mean for the council and when will a new President be chosen?" Horne's gaze moved from the reporter to Wolf. Wolf answered her question before she got the chance to ask it.

"No, Councillor," Wolf stated, shaking his head. "I am a warrior, not a politician."

"Then who?" Horne asked.

"You will find a suitable replacement," Wolf said with a small smile in his voice.


Wolf took the plunge into Big Pond and was soon followed by Nancy. He could have outswam her easily but allowed her to catch up. They spent most of the day swimming and tanning with the other residents of Flat Bay who flocked to the lake for relief from the summer heat. A cloud of grief over the loss of his family still hung over his head. But with Nancy's assistance, it did not linger long.

That night, Wolf and Nancy strolled under the canopy of stars. Nancy held Wolf's hand as they walked. The chorus of crickets added to the romantic atmosphere of the night. They walked back to the lake and stood on the shore as the Moon shimmered on the water.

"It's a shame we have to go back to Luna tomorrow for the inquiry," Nancy said. Wolf continued to gaze out onto the water. Samantha noticed his gaze. "What is it?"

"I am the only one of my kind, Nancy," Wolf said, feelings of despair and devastation had been dredged to the surface during the inquiry. "There will be no others like me."

"That's not exactly true," Nancy admitted, rubbing her slightly swollen belly. "There's another one of you on it's way."

"A hybrid," Wolf said. "Not a true Legionnaire. We had a bond that could not be broken. Noir found a way to break that bond." He looked at Nancy's worried face and smiled, placing his hand on top of hers. "Not that I won't love our child but it will not be a true Legionnaire. But have no fear, I will teach it about it's lineage."

"Stop being such a pessimist," Nancy scolded him while at the same time giving him a quick kiss. "We'd better be getting back. We have an early rise in the morning." As they walked along, Wolf took in the serene surroundings and the quietness of the forests. "Hard to believe that just two years ago you would have been killed if you were seen here," Nancy added, waiting for Wolf's reaction.

"Are you referring to the United Worlds scandal or my first meeting with your parents?" Wolf asked, baiting her.

"You know perfectly well which event I'm talking about!" she said exasperated, slapping him on the arm. He gently grabbed her by the waist and picked her up. They shared a tender kiss.

"Seeing how I've been offered the position of instructor at one of the Peace Keeping Forces' schools, I suppose I am content that I am 'home' with the woman I love and something to keep me busy," Wolf said before planting Nancy back on her feet.

"Oh, you'll be busy alright," Nancy agreed. "Trust me, in five months you'll be a busy man indeed." She laughed her silvery laugh and Wolf chuckled with her. Arriving back at her house and finding everyone already in bed, they silently went off to bed until the alarm clock announced it was time to get up.

That morning, Nancy's father drove them to the spaceport in Stephenville. "Have a safe trip and don't feel shy about returning for a visit," he said, shaking Wolf's massive hand.

"I won't, sir," Wolf said.

Nancy's father gave her a kiss and a hug. "Don't stay away too long," he requested.

"We won't," Nancy promised. Wolf carried their luggage to the reception desk for Interplanetary Customs. "Nancy Nimoy and Mr. Wolfe," Nancy told the computer operator.

"Yes, Madame President," she said, "your private shuttle is ready and waiting for you." Smiling, Wolf and Nancy held hands as they walked through the interconnecting dorsal to her shuttle. Once on board, the shuttle taxied out and lifted off for Luna.

"Well, we have an entire day to kill," Nancy said, smiling. "Whatever shall we do?" Wolf eased her onto the couch and kissed her earlobe.

"Let me worry about that, Madame President," he whispered in her ear.

The ship rocked with loving laughter.

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