***Author's Notes***

About a year after I graduated high school, during a really bad snow storm on the Southwest coast of Newfoundland, Canada, I was sitting in my room and re-reading Lone Wolf. Then I got into the George Lucas frame of mind and decided that maybe I should continue on a little longer with the story. After all, I had written it so that a sequel would be possible if I was so inclined. So I picked up my trusty pencil and wrote the next strand in an ongoing yarn.


Lone Wolf II

Wolf's head lolled over on its side as Dillard's laser shot impacted against the wall where it had just been. Nancy had had enough. While Dillard continued laughing, he failed to notice just how Nancy had positioned herself. She brought her knee sharply up into Dillard's groin, followed by an elbow strike to the base of his skull. As Dillard struck the floor with a lifeless thump, she pulled him into the laundry chute and sent him down it. She picked up his laser pistol and rushed to Wolf's side.

She desperately tried to find a pulse but found none, and she could not detect any sign of breathing. Tears slowly tracked their way down her beautiful but determined face. Knowing full well that she couldn't lift his massive frame, she dragged Wolf's body back into his room. Using several cushions, she was able to place his body on the couch. The bed being obliterated, she sank down into the armchair.

"I told you you were taking a big risk coming here!" Nancy cried, she wept openly now. "We were supposed to lose ourselves in the galaxy's society and live the rest of our lives together. Those rotten son-of-bitches had to deny us our future, didn't they?" She buried her face in her hands and cried.

A low growl emanated from the couch. "Don't interrupt me when I'm yelling at you!" Nancy wailed. Abruptly, her crying stopped. She sat up and stared incredulously at the huge form on the couch. "Wolf?" she asked meekly.

Wolf slowly, ever so slowly, turned over onto his side and opened his coal-black eyes. "Water," he rasped. In one leap, Nancy covered the distance from her chair to the dispenser and rebounded back. She supported his head as he sipped the water carefully from the glass.

He leaned back and took several deep breaths, testing his lungs. Nancy leaned over to check on his shoulder wound. Probing through the tattered hole in his tunic and sweater, she found the wound and gasped as she watched Wolf's body repair itself. She shook her head in amazement but it would have to wait, she had more important things to take care of.

"I checked your pulse moments ago, there was none!" Nancy exclaimed. She picked up his wrist again and felt his powerful pulse, slow but returning to normal.

"Necessary to initiate repairs on my shoulder and combat the sleeper," Wolf now rumbled. "Luckily, Dillard forgot that I have advanced self-healing powers. If he had made that shot to my head, it would have been game over." He sat up slowly with Nancy's assistance and gingerly shook his head. He turned his gaze upon Nancy's radiant beauty. "Thank you, Nancy. I knew I could count on you."

Nancy burst into tears and threw her arms around Wolf's neck. He didn't quite know what to say, so he did all he could do: he just held her.

The office overlooking the majestic view of Earth was one of many situated in numerous buildings on the outpost of Luna. The splendour of the crescent of the third planet from Sol filled the windows to capacity. However, the sole occupant of this particular office was too buried in her work to notice the panorama that lay spread out behind her.

Tamara Cody let out a sigh of exasperation and leaned back in her seat. Cody was Chief of Security for the new United Worlds Peace Keeping Forces, otherwise known as the PKF. It was her job to ensure that no harm would befall the Security Council. It was also her job to locate and destroy the nine remaining Legionnaires created by the Terran Special Forces for the United Worlds. She had been sifting through the mounds of intelligence information on her desk in an attempt to locate the other eight. Her second-in-command and best soldier had contacted her three days earlier and reported that he had found the trail of the one called Wolf. She assumed Dillard had taken him out but she had not heard from him since. She desperately wished that Dillard had not met his end at Wolf's hands.

Absently, she pushed one of the buttons on her command console. A small screen emerged from her desk to be dominated by a heavy set man. "Any word from Commander Dillard?" she asked.

"Negative. As a matter of fact, there hasn't been anything from anyone," Brock confirmed. Tamara nodded her head.

"Notify me the moment you hear anything," she instructed.

"As always. Communications out." The screen went blank and retracted into the desk. She stood up and walked to the windows. Leaning against them with sheets of information in her hands, she looked out to Earth and immediately wished she could go home. With a tragic reality, she knew she could not return to Newfoundland until those nine diabolical killers known as Legionnaires were all dead themselves.

A buzz from her desk brought her out of her reverie. She quickly walked to the console and tapped it. "Cody here," she answered.

"It's McCloud. He just retired a Legionnaire, Dagger," the communications officer reported.

"Send him in," Tamara said happily. She hastily shoved all the paperwork into her desk and did her best to look regal and authoritative as McCloud strode into her office. She gestured for him to take a seat. She waited a few moments before engaging the conversation. Fixing her eyes upon him she relaxed slightly.

"You found Legionnaire Dagger," Cody began. "Did he have anything to say before you retired him?"

"He tried to tell me what the United Worlds was up to," McCloud explained. "I let him tell his whole story before I killed him. It was kind of funny, you know, the stuff he said about you, the Council, and your supposed dealings in traynia. I really laughed as I shot him."

"Do you remember anything he told you?" Tamara asked, suddenly ashen.

"Of course. I couldn't forget such a comical tale," McCloud admitted.

"Unfortunate," Tamara replied, pulling a laser pistol from beneath the desk and blasting McCloud between the eyes before he could react. It split his head open like a ripe melon. She shook her head with distaste. She signalled the front office to come in and remove the body. "Get someone in here to clean up this mess," she ordered. She looked at her chronograph, "I'm going to see Lucas." With that, she strode out into the hallway and made her way to Lucas' office.

Tamara wondered how she was going to explain to the President of the United Worlds the reasons for the deaths of three security officers. Every time one of Cody's security officers found and "retired" a Legionnaire, she was forced to kill the officer as well. The last three Legionnaires had tried to tell their story to their executioners, therefore the officers would know what Tamara was trying to cover up, whether they believed it or not. To ensure total secrecy, she personally killed her officers when they returned from retiring a Legionnaire. It was imperative that the secret of the new United Worlds be protected and not revealed.

The door to Lucas' office was closed so Tamara knocked softly. It slid open to reveal a bear of a man reviewing pictures of the Legionnaires. His eyes locked with Tamara's but they had a softness to them.

"Yes, my love?" Lucas inquired.

"McCloud just retired Legionnaire Dagger," Tamara answered.

"Did you take good care of him?" was his next question.

"Yes," Tamara replied. Lucas broad face split into a smile.

"Excellent," Lucas said, crumpling up the picture of Dagger and throwing it into the disposal chute. He pinned the pictures of the remaining Legionnaires on the wall: Shadoe, Thunder, Growler, Apollo, Panther, Hammer, Raven, and finally Wolf. Lucas turned back to Tamara as the door slid shut and the windows turned opaque. He walked slowly towards Cody and took her in his arms. "I'm so glad we managed to see each other," he said.

"So am I," she whispered. She pulled his head down to hers and gave him a long, sensual kiss. He held her tightly as he caressed her and leaned her towards the wall. Holding Tamara in one arm, Lucas activated the wall mechanism with the other as the wall switched places with the hidden bed. Lucas leaned her onto it as they removed one another's clothes. In a matter of minutes, they were vigorously making love.

A long while later, Lucas lay on his back while Tamara rested her head on his chest. "How long do you think it will take to retire all of the Legionnaires," he asked her.

She toyed with his chest hairs. "Not long. It took us two years to get rid of 250 of them. I say in a couple of months, we'll have nothing to worry about." She kissed his nose. "Have no fear, my love, your position on the Security Council is secure," Cody reassured him, giving him another passionate kiss.

Her wrist communicator interrupted them. "What is it?!" she exclaimed.

"Cody, Dillard's perscan has just gone flat," the female voice said. "Dillard's dead." This news struck Tamara like a shot in the chest. Dillard had been her best soldier and her best friend. They had known each other since childhood. Cody knew that Dillard had been pursuing Wolf, so it had to have been the Legionnaire who had caused Dillard's death. She was determined to see that Legionnaire pay with its life.

Jumping out of bed, she hastily put her clothes on. "I have to go to Johnson's Planet," she told Lucas. "I have to find Legionnaire Wolf." She zippered up her tunic as Lucas grasped her arms and forced her to stop.

"You can't go after him with a personal vendetta," Lucas said softly. I know how much Dillard meant to you but if you go there all wound up, you'll do something stupid, then he'll kill you too. I don't want to lose you, Tamara. I love you." She turned to face him with a look of pure satisfaction. Tamara reached up and caressed his face.

"I love you, too, but I have to do this," she said. She kissed him on the cheek and rushed out for her office. Lucas sat and stared at the ceiling.

"It never rains but it pours," he commented to no one.

Wolf quickly shoved his things back into his carry bag, checking his blaster to make sure it was fully charged as he waited for Nancy. Just as he was about to go look for her, she came running through the door with her suitcase.

"I'm ready. Let's go," she said. Wolf took her hand as they took the emergency exit out of the hotel. Nancy threw her suitcase in the back seat of the flitter as Wolf climbed behind the controls and started the engines. He gunned it as soon as they cleared the hotel.

Nancy had her armrest in a deathgrip as Wolf piloted the flitter in the most reckless manner she had ever witnessed. Wolf was hoping to get away from the planet before any more attention could be drawn to him. Arriving at the landing pad, Wolf shook his head at the destruction he saw. There was nothing left of the Portmaster's office and so far nobody had been notified of it. Otherwise, the Interplanetary Police would be all over the place looking for clues.

Wolf set the flitter down long enough for Nancy and himself to get out their belongings. He then programmed the flitter to fly until it needed refuelling. It took off as Wolf approached the Space Shepherd. "Open up," he ordered.

"What's the secret phrase?" the computer responded.

"Open up or I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow you away," Wolf said.

"Thank you," the computer said sweetly as the canopy raised up. Wolf stored their luggage in the belly compartment as Nancy seated herself in the copilot's seat and put on her helmet.

"Hello, Alf," she said to the computer.

"Nancy? What are you doing here?" it asked.

"It's a rather long story," Nancy admitted.

"I'd like to hear about it some time," Alf replied as Wolf jumped into the pilot's seat, closed the canopy, and put on his own helmet. He ignited the engines and the fighter leapt into the skies. Turning the craft over, Wolf banked the ship towards Earth.

"Where are we going?" Alf asked. "You can't be going back to Earth, that's insane!"

"No, Alf, I'm not going to Earth," Wolf stopped the computer before it could continue. "I'm going to intercept the Exeter and hide out there." When the craft escaped Johnson's atmosphere, Wolf kicked in the boosters for a few minutes to increase their speed.

"Oh. Marvellous idea," Alf said sarcastically.

"I thought so," Wolf taunted.

"What's so special about the Exeter?" Nancy asked, perplexed. "Isn't it bound for Andromeda?"

"Yes, but it's also a sleeper ship," Wolf informed her. "It has a landing bay for the shuttles on board and they would never think of looking for us there."

"Oh, and where have I heard that one before?" Alf quipped. "Rhea? Titania? Charon?"

"Aren't those the moons of Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto?" Nancy inquired.

"We've been around lately," Alf replied.

"We're coming up on Exeter now," Wolf interrupted. Before them lay a vessel of colossal proportions. The UNSS Exeter seemed to take up all of space. The Legionnaires had been using the ship as a hideout because the ship was constantly moving and no one knew exactly where the Legionnaires were coming from.

Wolf brought the Shepherd in to land in one of the cavernous docking bays. Once inside, he popped the canopy and helped Nancy down. "Come on, we'll get something to eat and take off again," Wolf suggested. Samantha followed him down a long corridor and into a fairly sized room. Wolf dragged out a couple of containers and popped their lids. "Here, eat some of this," Wolf offered. "It's not much but it's enough to keep us going until our next port of call."

They ate in silence as they listened to the soft roar of the engines and quiet murmurs of the computers and machinery. Nancy edged closer to Wolf until he noticed her. Then he put his arm around her and she snuggled with him. After a few moments, Wolf noticed Nancy wasn't moving very much, which was unusual for her. Looking down to speak to her, he found her sound asleep. Picking her up, he carried her back to the Shepherd and placed her inside.

"Begin pre-flight checks," Wolf ordered Alf. "I'll be right back." Wolf went back and removed any evidence of their being there. On his way back, his sensitive hearing picked up a distinct sound: a life-form attempting to move stealthily amidst the sounds of the ship. Wolf immediately drew his blaster and waited. In the dimly lit corridor, he focused his eyes to the infrared range and made out a form as massive as his. He squinted at the form, who also halted and drew its weapon.

"Wolf?" the outline asked.

"Apollo?" Wolf asked.

"Good Christ, man, what are you trying to do?" the fellow Legionnaire asked. "I came damn close to blowing your head off!"

"Uh-huh," Wolf nodded, "sure, and at the same time, you were going to do a double back-flip, land your head, and spit rubber credits."

"Blow me," Apollo said sarcastically. "What are you doing here? I thought you had gone to Johnson's Planet?"

"I had," Wolf conceded. "That is, until one of Cody's goons found me. I'm here with Sam, she's in the port side docking bay with the Shepherd. How did you get here? I didn't see any other fighters in the bay."

"The rest of us are on the starboard side," Apollo said. "Seven of us, anyway. I tell you, this hide and seek game is beginning to wear a little thin."

"I know," Wolf said solemnly. "Where are you headed now?"

"Where are you going?" Apollo asked.

"I asked you first," Wolf quipped.

"I suppose we'll be heading for one of the deserted outposts a couple of thousand clicks outside Pluto's orbit," Apollo stated.

"Sounds good to me," Wolf admitted. "I'll meet you and the others by the main engines."

"It's a done deal," Apollo said, rushing off to meet up with his "siblings". Wolf turned and ran in the opposite direction for the Shepherd. Climbing into the cockpit, Nancy was awake. Wolf closed the canopy and blasted off.

"What took you so long?" Nancy asked as the stark fighter pulled up and flipped over, heading for the stern of the sleeper ship.

"Yeah, what took you so long?" Alf queried. "And why are we headed back towards Sol again?"

"Has anyone ever told you that you ask too many damn questions?" Wolf stated.

"Yes, you do," Alf announced. "But I'm a computer, that's my job."

"For both your information," Wolf said with a ghost of a smile, "I ran into Apollo and we're going to rendezvous with the remaining members of the team at the main engines."

"Where to after that?" Alf and Nancy asked simultaneously.

"A deserted outpost not far from Pluto," Wolf answered. As the Shepherd reached the aft section of the massive starship, it was greeted by another seven fighters that resembled Wolf's ship. They all joined formation and blasted toward Pluto's outposts. Wolf switched his communications frequency over to the Legionnaires private channel. "So, who's all here?" he asked vibrantly.

The remaining Terran Special Forces Legionnaires called in one after another:

"Shadoe, here."
"Thunder, here."
"Growler, here."
"Panther, here."
"Hammer, here."
"Raven, here, sugar."
"Apollo, here."

"Ask a stupid question, get seven stupid answers," Wolf said jokingly.

"I resent that," said Raven. "As the only female Legionnaire in existence, I am smarter than all my brothers put together!"

"Uh-huh, and my daddy was a plumber," retorted Growler.

"And that's exactly what got us into this mess in the first place," Shadoe snickered.

A warning tone whistled for attention from Alf's sensors. "I thought there were only seven of you guys?" Wolf asked, shattering the reunion atmosphere.

"There are," replied Hammer.

"Then why am I picking up another Canadian-class fighter approaching us from directly in front of us?" Wolf stated, perplexed.

"Good question," echoed Thunder and Panther as they accelerated in front of the fugitive formation to engage the other fighter. The approaching craft was growing nearer and wasn't deviating from its flight path.

"Hi guys, where you've all been?" said a familiar voice.

"Phoenix!" exclaimed Panther.

"Yes siree, and I'm ready to rise again from the ashes!" replied Phoenix. The nine spacecraft banked together as one towards one of the derelicts.

"Where are we?" asked Samantha.

"Plutonian Outpost Seven," answered Wolf. As he helped Nancy down, he noticed that everyone was out of their ships except for Phoenix. Wolf's sixth sense was screaming trouble. "Phoenix, are you okay?" he called out. Phoenix's canopy rose and then a body slammed onto the deck, headless. It was Phoenix.

"PHOENIX!" Thunder roared. Laser fire erupted from the cockpit of Phoenix's fighter as everyone dove for cover. Wolf grabbed Nancy and managed to dive behind one of the blast guards in the bay. Then it fell silent. Silence screamed so loud in Wolf's ears that he feared he had gone deaf. Then he heard a voice that made every Legionnaire's blood boil with anger and revenge.

"Greetings, Legionnaire Wolf. I have come for you!" Tamara Cody's voice echoed off the bay walls.

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