***Author's Notes***

Just so everyone knows, this story was written back in late June 2001 during a really slow night watching a big silver box that was in no hurry of going anyplace fast.....


The streets were mostly empty, mirroring what she felt inside as she stepped lightly through the rain slicked streets. She knew she had to get out of this buisness before she lost herself completely. The toll took just a little bit more of her every day. She looked up to confirm that she had the right address against the one on the piece of paper she had in her hand. Tonight would be the last time she would look up at an address at night, she told herself for the umpteenth time. Next week, she would begin to search for a real job where the price wasn't her soul.

She smiled demurely at the doorman, who all but leered at her. She felt repulsed but she could not blame him. Her high heeled boots accentuated her muscular legs, not that they weren't hard to see with her high cut skirt. Her low cut blouse barely covered her breasts but that was the idea. Part of her was going to miss dressing like this, the other part was all too happy to close on this particular chapter.

The heels of her boots clicked on the polished tile as she made her way to the elevator. As the doors irised apart, she absently ran her fingers through her jet black locks. Exiting the elevator, she stopped in front of number 313 and knocked lightly. She could hear the tones of music as she waited. She saw the peephole grow dark.

"Who is it?" a gruff voice asked.

"It's Kathy," she replied. "I have an order for Peter in Number 313." She heard the click of the lock before the wooden door finally cracked open to reveal a starkly handsome man gazing at her and appreciating her wares.

"Come in, come in, my dear," he intoned. Kathy took a deep breath and stepped over the threshold, but not before her gaze quickly scanned the room and took in it's lush furnishings. "Can I get you anything to drink?"

"Water would be great," she said, smiling as sweetly as she could without making herself sick. He returned the smile and vanished into the kitchen, reappearing moments later with a tall glass of iced water.

"Thank you," she said as she took the glass, her fingers brushing against his. They felt warm and inviting. She ran her tongue over her upper lip before taking a sip. He smiled as she noticed his eyes travel down before snapping back up to her own gaze.

"So how do we go about this?" he asked, making an obvious attempt to look bigger.

"Whenever you feel ready," she said. She looked around again and noticed the absence of any pictures. "Don't like anything on the walls?" she asked?

"No, in the process of moving," he replied with that smile again as he moved closer. "One of the perks of being promoted." He inhaled slowly near her neck. "You smell wonderful."

"Thank you," she said softly as she placed her hand upon his chest. He moved in closer, pressing his hardness against her thigh. "I'm guessing that you're feeling ready."

"Oh yeah," he breathed near her ear as he kissed her neck.

"Lead the way," she said huskily. He took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom. She was suprised to see satin sheets on the bed, even more so that they had been turned down. He kissed her sloppily and she had to fight her disgust. She compartmentalized her emotions and buried them as he clumsily tried to remove her blouse.

"Here, let me." She slowly undressed for his entertainment. She had to admit that it gave her a small sense of satisfaction that she could still turn a man on. However, she would rather that it be a man who loved her instead of a stranger looking for gratification. Once she was completely nude, she turned her attention to him and helped him undress.

They finally tumbled into the sheets and succumbed to his lustful desires. She tried to think of anything but what was happening to her. The only thing that made it somewhat enjoyable was the fact that she knew this would be her last trick. She had to get her life back on track and this wasn't helping her. She was so lost in her thoughts and trying to block out his animalistic grunts that she almost missed the click of the door.

"There's someone here," she said non-chalantly.

"Yeah....it's just my roommate....Rob..." he managed to say between thrusts.

"Won't he hear us?"

"That's the idea."

She thought nothing more of it until she heard his roommate standing in the doorway. "Damn, she is a hot one, isn't she?" His smile drove ice cold daggers of fear into the pit of her stomach.

Her gaze snapped back to Peter who lay on top of her.

"Just wait until you see how she feels," Peter said with a knowing grin.

"Hey! I don't do threesomes and I'm not into sloppy seconds!" she said hotly. She began to regret not taking Tony up on his offer of an escort. She had heard of tricks turning sour but she always thought that kind of thing would never happen to her. And of course, it would happen to her on her last night.

"Oh, you'll be financially compensated for your trouble," Rob said as he undressed and approached the bed. "Not to mention the fact that you're really going to enjoy this." Kathy fought against Peter's attempts to restrain her.

"No!" she screamed repeatedly as she and Peter rolled on the bed, getting louder as she felt the other man probe her.

"Dear God, help me!" she wailed. She felt his added weight on the bed.

"God can't hear you, baby," Rob sneered, "but we're going to give you a little piece of heaven."

And that's when the wall exploded in a mass of plaster and wood, her screams echoing in his ears before he was given a glimpse into the face of hell......


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